Mysore Oakland
Flying Studios “Original” Location
4308 Telegraph Ave, Oakland. CA

Mysore Oakland offers a supportive environment for practitioners of all experience levels, ages, and abilities. Supportive guidance is offered in the methodology of Pattabhi Jois and Krishnamcharya as shared in Mysore, India. 

We put the student first by chosing love over obedience, as practitioners and students. This doesn't mean being lax or loose with the practice.  It means we use the breadth of our experience to honor  and empower the student's discernment while also respecting the beneficial,, and sometimes challenging, aspects of this practice.

 Our teachers are extensively trained and long-time practitioners (each with over a decade of daily practice and between 5 and 20+ years of teaching experience).  All teachers are trauma-informed and continue to deepen their understanding of this practice and complimentary modalities that inform our work.


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